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About Covenants and By-Laws

FAIRWAY HILLS IS A DEED-RESTRICTED COMMUNITY.  As purchasers of property in this community we all signed a disclosure summary indicating we understood Fairway Hills is a deed-restricted community with covenants governing the use and occupancy of our property. We were also advised that there is an Architectural Review Committee and that any additions or changes to the exterior of our homes and lots would need to be approved by an Architectural Review Committee. Further, at the time we purchased our property we received a copy of the Covenants as well as an Architectural Review Manual. In most cases, these documents were received and signed for at the closing. Any amendments to the above have been circulated to the community by our Management Company and recently have been posted to our web site:


Most importantly, please refer to the Supplemental Declaration of Covenants, and Restrictions for DeBary Plantation Unit 7A, with amendments. We urge each resident to obtain and read these documents; especially paragraph 3.01 Restrictive Covenants as amended. Knowledge of these restrictions will avoid common violations such as parking overnight on roads, etc. If you have misplaced your copy, they are available on the Association web site or you can call Vista Management Company and they will provide a copy for a fee.


Operating under these covenants has enabled our community to maintain the attractive appearance we all enjoy and has contributed to a substantial increase in our home values. Fairway Hills is a desirable place to live because the vast majority of homeowners adhere to the outlined rules, however, from time to time it is necessary to remind those who have forgotten or chosen to ignore certain regulations. This is generally accomplished by sending a letter from our Management Company or in some cases a telephone call/visit from a Board or Committee member. We appreciate the cooperation received.

Hopefully those homeowners who have read and are familiar with the Covenants governing our community will not hesitate to share their knowledge with neighbors who might not be familiar with the rules. In an attempt to remind residents, in the future we will post additional reminders on the web site and in upcoming newsletters.


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