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JULY 1, 2020

Lawn Care Archive

Monday, April 29, 2019

Effective this week,

Brightview will be mowing our grass


This is summer mowing schedule.

Before today we were on the winter mowing

schedule of 1 time every other week.

March 5, 2018
The grass will be cut this week.
We delayed cutting the grass in order to spare the lawns from damage that resulted from earlier freezes.
This delay is NOT related to the change in landscapers.

Lawn Service

November 1, 2016

Your Fairway Hills HOA Board of Directors has contracted with the following lawn care companies to provide service to all of our residents.

  LPS Landscape Management

                 Owner:  Todd Dudley

              Telephone:  407-977-9177



                 5 Star

                          Scott                                       Matt Dudley (Owner's Son)

         Telephone:  386-668-8500                       Fairway Hills Supervisor                 


Our agreement with LPS Landscape Management provides for 52 mowings and trimmings each year, more frequently in the summer and less frequently in the winter.

Some landscaping issues should be reported to and dealt with by LPS Landscaping and some issues are not their responsibility.  Below are some situations with information on how to best handle them.  If your concern is not covered below, please submit a CONTACT YOUR BOARD MEMBERS form that is on the HOME page of this website.

  • Problem with mowing or trimming.
    Call Todd Dudley at LPS Landscape Management, 407-977-9177, and leave a detailed message explaining your concerns.

  • If the lawn service damages my watering system
    Within 48 hours of the mowing or service that was provided, you must report it to Todd Dudley at LPS Landscape Management, 407-977-9177.  LPS will respond to any written ‘notice of dificiency’ received within 48 hours and begin to correct the problem within seventy two (72) hours, another advantage of using the website as a method for informing the service provider and the board of directors.

  • There is spotting in my yard where grass is not growing.
    The service provider is not responsible for any damages caused as a result of improper irrigation coverage due to improper installation or inadequate supply of water.

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