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If you are not yet a member, be sure to look into NEXTDOOR DEBARY PLANTATION.   It is a FREE online communication system (social network) for us to share info with just our neighborhood, all of DeBary Plantation, or all of DeBary Plantation and surrounding neighborhoods.   (You choose to which group you want your message to be sent.)

NEXTDOOR DEBARY PLANTATION is NOT another Facebook ... but meant for information that will be helpful to all.  For example:

  • Looking for pressure washing company, CPA, cardiologist, great Italian restaurant, etc

  • Found:  Keys

  • Lost:  Dog

  • For Sale:  Sofa​

  • Etc, etc, etc.

You must be invited to join.  Just ask a neighbor to invite you or use the CONTACT YOUR BOARD MEMBERS FORM on the HOME page of this website and we will be happy to invite you.

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